Private Tuition Adelaide

Private Tuition in Adelaide at Jumbo Learning

Parents choose private tuition in Adelaide for their children for many reasons. Some parents may feel unable to adequately help their kids with schoolwork. Others find that their children are more receptive to instruction from other adults. Tutoring can help enhance self-confidence, learning skills, and subject comprehension – and we focus on all this and more at Jumbo Learning.

Benefits of Private Tuition in Adelaide

Tutoring programmes can help your child develop the learning skills that they’ll need not just in the classroom, but throughout their personal and professional lives. Here are some of the advantages of obtaining private tuition services:

  • One-on-one attention. There’s simply no replacement for face-to-face, one-on-one attention when it comes to overcoming a learning difficulty. Our tutors will get to know your child’s learning style and adapt their methods accordingly, acting as your child’s own private teacher.
  • A custom learning experience. Our students enjoy a personalised learning experience that’s not always an option in a traditional classroom setting. Our tutors will tailor lessons and activities to your child’s unique needs.
  • Improved academic performance. Your child’s tutors will work with them on specific problem areas, helping to prepare them for tests and increasing their understanding of the subject at hand – and, by extension, their grades.
  • Higher self-esteem. Struggling with learning difficulties can have a significant impact on a child’s self-confidence. Through tutoring, your child can develop the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond, increasing their self-esteem.

Signs You Should Invest in Private Tuition in Adelaide

If your child is consistently earning poor grades, then it might be rather obvious that they could benefit from a private tutor. However, there are many less obvious signs that shouldn’t go ignored. Here are a few warning signs that your child may need some extra academic attention.

  • A lack of motivation. If your child has trouble getting started on assignments or generally seems unmotivated regarding anything to do with school, they might benefit from the services of a private tutor.
  • Messy work or overall disorganisation. Does your child hand in unfinished work or display a general lack of organisation? Working with a tutor can help them learn ways to organise their work (and thoughts) better.
  • No interest in learning. Is your child apathetic about school? Were they previously interested in learning but now are not? Does this indifference extend to other areas of their life, such as social activities? One-on-one attention from a tutor can help.
  • Changes in personality. Some kids experience dramatic personality changes. For example, they may become angrier than before, more unhappy, or less confident. These changes could mean that they need help from a private tutor to build their learning skills and self-esteem.

About Jumbo Learning

School can be a constant struggle for kids with all different types of learning difficulties. At Jumbo Learning, we believe in the power of early intervention to get kids back to where they need to be as soon as possible. From Reception to Tertiary to International students, we can help learners of all ages succeed. Contact us today for more information.