ACER Scholarship Training
We are a hidden gem at Jumbo Learning!
With our track record, helmed by our Master Teacher Mrs Priscilla Zephaniah, our students produce a higher performance and a better bottom line in a shorter span of time. This is done by combining Therapy, Interventions in Academia & Behavioral Support; fine tuning their inner abilities to achieve the school of their dreams without taking too much away from Mum and Dad’s. The children at Jumbo Learning study smarter and more efficiently than their peers , leave happier and do less all whilst developing their inner Champion! The process in itself makes you walk away as a winner! Invest NOW to SAVE Later!

Effortless & Efficient Optimising
(learn faster than others by going slower)
Train your child ahead of time (1 to 2 years)
Refine their writing abilities
General abilities
Humanities/Reading Comprehension and Math

Walk Away a Winner
Your child will find themselves learning faster, performing better!

Get Taught by a Top Performing Teacher
(whose forte is transforming children who are deemed to be inept, perennially struggling or who are unconsciously or consciously academically written off by the system or by their teachers or care-givers)
Experienced with training child clients from all around the world and merging them into our
local Aussie education scene, Mrs Priscilla Zephaniah trains native and non-native speakers of English to nail it
proficiently and fluently & in record time.

Individual or Group Intervention
Get specialised, personalised assistance and a learning plan moving forward.
Bring Academic issues under control today.

Jumbo Learning
Is the one-stop shop for students that are trying to achieve high results in their ACER scholarship tests to put themselves above the rest. We have registered teachers that are highly regarded at preparing your child to be the most prepared they can possibly be. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your child receives the best results possible.

We welcome all families to have a chat today!

Primary Level Tests
Reception to Year 7 are the crucial foundation years of a students’ educational journey. Start it right and change the method of studying concepts – you will see the visible difference in plugging gaps in content knowledge making them exam ready. Our students will be exceptionally prepared for the Reading and Viewing exam, Mathematics and Writing.

Our Primary School Tutors use a variety of teaching methods used by teachers from top-scoring countries ranked by OECD-PISA and TIMSS 2015.

Secondary Level Tests
High School Tutors at JUMBO LEARNING will provide proper assistance in nailing the exams that they will be tested on for the Scholarship exams. Working only with a Master Teacher for their abilities to be honed and refined.

This carries them into the category of being highly successful and globally competent individuals – traits that will give our students the distinctive edge over their peers.

Watch your child transform their grades!