Educational Therapy2
Understanding Educational Therapy At Jumbo Learning
Educational therapy refers to a trained educator working with a child outside of a regular school setting. It encompasses a wide scope such as supporting a student’s lack of abilities and making sense of what they are studying.

It is a specialist who helps a student learn more effective ways of studying and staying organised. Educational therapy is not the same as teaching ; instead, it involves a broader focus than just academics. Educational therapists at Jumbo Learning have unique training that includes more experience working with kids who have attention and learning issues.

For example, when a student has dyscalculia and anxiety over maths, a teacher might try to help by having the student practice certain types of problems repeatedly. In contrast, an Educational therapist will try to get to the root of the problem by helping the student learn strategies for coping with anxiety, recognizing basic number facts, and learning helpful accommodations.

At Jumbo Learning, we are the first in Australia and Adelaide. Our Educational therapists work to build our students’ confidence in themselves and their academic skills.

The commitment from families is gauged to be across a span of a year to 2 years or more depending on the child’s academic needs assessment done.